Work Smarter, Not Harder

Providing professional soft skills training builds stronger, more confident employees. However, building quality training content is time consuming. It can take up to 49 hours to develop one hour of instructor led training, and even longer when developing e-learning material.

In today’s fast-paced world, productivity has become a highly used measure for success. This refers to output versus input. For example, the number of hours spent developing training content will impact the quality and effectiveness of the material. It’s common to associate productivity with putting your head down and not stopping until the work is done. However, it may time to rethink what it means to be productive, and how outsourcing can help us unlock productivity in a new way.


Outsourcing = Increased Productivity

In ‘The 4-Hour Work Week’, Tim Ferriss discusses working in a way that gives you more time and flexibility. One of these ways is through automating tasks when the option is available. Ferriss explains that a form of automation can be outsourcing. Outsourcing where possible is an excellent opportunity to save time for your organization. You may be surprised by how many parts of your business you can delegate to a third party to fast track various types of projects.


Customization: Use Your Organizational Expertise

Our Workshop Training Library has you covered with professional, quality training materials on soft skills and Microsoft Office. This saves hours of time researching and writing content. Upon payment, there is immediate access to our full Workshop Training Library of over 140 courses. This is where you can step in and customize the materials to best suit your organization’s needs. Edit content to better reflect your brand and even mix and match courses. You can also use examples related to your industry to help your trainees better their understanding in a contextual way. All of our training materials can be customized using any word processor.


Enhance Your Credibility with Rebranding

Ensuring your corporate training materials are on brand brings credibility to your organization. It demonstrates that you stand behind your content and that it accurately reflects your organizational values. Switch out our logos for yours and incorporate the name of your organization where relevant.  You can also use your branding guidelines to change color schemes.



Using our baseline of training materials will boost your productivity while still meeting organizational goals. By outsourcing your training materials instead of developing content from scratch, you can take advantage of the hours of time saved by focusing solely on customizations and the delivery of your training. Get started today by checking out our Workshop Training Library or downloading a free course today.


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