Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the terms of the license agreement?

A. The link to review the most recent license agreement:

View License Agreement

Q. Can I customize these workshop materials?

A. Yes, using any word processor (eg Microsoft Word) you can completely customize and re-brand each training resource as your own. Add company logos and color schemes, insert industry examples, even combine training modules from different courses to create completely new training programs.


Q. Do you have anything for webinars or virtual training?

A. Yes, as an alternative to "live" instructor-led training, you can use our workshop materials to deliver professional webinars virtually using tools such as GoToTraining and Zoom And we also have self-paced elearning versions of all our courses that can be edited and uploaded to your Learning Management System (LMS).


Q. What if I don't have an LMS?

A. We have a cloud-based LMS that's been pre-loaded with all of our elearning courses.  This is often the easiest and most affordable option to provide online learning - starting at only $195 per month!


Q. How do I get started with the LMS?

A. We like to schedule a 30 to 45 minute onboarding session with our LMS Administrator for new clients.  In this meeting, we will cover all the basics to get you started and gives us a chance to better understand your needs.  For example, some clients require ecommerce integration.  Others may want a unique URL to access their login portal.


Q. Do you have a reseller program?

A. Yes, you can resell our Learning Management System within the number of users on your plan. As a reseller, your customers can get full access to our pre-loaded LMS that they can rebrand as their own to provide training to their employees.


Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept purchase orders, bank transfers, and credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
*Please note that all charges are in US dollars.


Q. Do you offer payment plan options?

A. Payment plans are available, please call for details.
(Monday to Friday - 8am EST to 4pm EST)

Q. Who authors all of your training programs?

A. Our Product Manager works directly with Subject Matter Experts that select and compile the content for our training manuals. Once approved by our editorial staff, the in-house team of courseware developers then create all of the other training resources such as PowerPoint slides and Quick Reference Sheets.

Q. What's your return policy?

A. Unlike other software vendors, we offer an incredible 90-day return policy.  If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, simply forward a completed Request for Refund form within 90-days from your date of purchase.


Q. Can I publish the self-publishing books through Amazon?

A. Unfortunately, Amazon’s publishing system is not compatible with our books. However, there are many other options for self-publishing, such as Mimeo.


Q. Why doesn't the LMS have voice over?

In compliance with best practices for online training, our newly designed preloaded LMS courses do not include voice over audio.

Research states that if all a course is doing is reading the screen to a learner it be hurts the learner’s retention.

Furthermore, not everyone will have an environment they are learning in that is conducive to listening to audio.

However, we wanted to note that if you need to provide audio for accessibility reasons, there are many screen reader programs you can use in compatibility with your web browser such as the latest versions of NVDA, JAWS, VoiceOver, and TalkBack