As a trainer, what are your top priorities? Perhaps it is:

  • Educating clients
  • Consulting clients
  • Helping clients with personal and professional development
  • Helping clients meet their organizational goals

Notice how I didn’t say email marketing? That doesn’t mean it’s not important!

With a vast clientele, effectively communicating with your trainees and prospects is crucial to keeping them engaged and in the loop regarding their corporate training. Whether it is closing prospective trainees, preparing trainees, or requesting feedback, sending clear and effective emails will allow you to accelerate your training/consulting business. Below are our email templates for promoting your corporate training and engaging your trainees.

Emails For Potential Clients

Useful for: Sending an introductory point of contact to a potential prospect. This is a good excuse to reach out since they have opted to receive emails from you and is an excellent opportunity to open the door to further discussing their specific training needs.

Subject: How Can I Help You?

Hello (Name),

Are you looking to receive (Topic) training, or provide training to your employees?

Are you struggling to find time to develop your own training programs for your team?

You’re in luck!

With my training programs, you can leave the material and training delivery to me. With options for online and in-person training (if applicable), let me be your go-to for providing effective corporate training

Get in touch with me today to further discuss topics you are interested in training yourself or your team for, and how I can help you meet your training goals.

Kind regards,

(Name, Signature)

Emails For Registered Trainees

Useful for: Confirming registration for your trainees and adequately preparing them for what to expect in their training. Allows you to give your participants an opportunity to ask you any questions to help you as a trainer better prepare for their expectations. Our advertorials included with each workshop kit have messaging that can be used for this style of email. Furthermore, if you would like to facilitate a pre-assessment, this email can be a great opportunity to assign that.

Subject: You’re all registered

Hello (Name),

Thank you for registering for my (topic) Workshop. This email confirms your registration.

This course will help you (Refer to course description from our advertorials).

This training has a pre-assessment that will be use to measure your current understanding of the training topic. Please complete this assessment using the link below and email it back to me by (Deadline).


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding how the training will be facilitated, or what content will be covered. If there is any way I can assist you in preparing for your training, I am here to help.

Kind regards,

(Name, Signature)

FAQ Email

Useful for: Written by our Sales Executive and training industry expert Seth Rozee, this email template covers logistics regarding your training workshop so participants feel confident and prepared going into their training.

Hello (Name),

Have you’ve got questions or concerns about the upcoming workshop?

We’ve compiled a list of the usual questions surrounding what you can expect at one of our sessions - including tips on how you can get the best out of your time spent with us!

  • What to Expect at the Training:

Attendees can expect an inclusive and welcoming environment where they’ll be encouraged to participate in open and honest discussion on the topic at hand. There will be printed handouts provided along with audio and visual aids to help move the training along.

Any attendees with special needs or different abilities are encouraged to let us know ahead of time and we’ll make every effort possible to insure we accommodate them.

  • How long is the session?

It will be a (FULL DAY / HALF DAY / 90-Min Lunch and Learn) where we’ll tackle the latest info on that day’s topic.

Washroom facilities are provided and we’ll be breaking periodically during the session for refreshment.

  • What’s expected of the Trainer?

Your trainer will be knowledgeable on the subject being taught and open to any and all ideas or questions – in fact if you’ve got anything you’d like us to cover specifically during the class, just reply to this email with your suggestions.

  • What’s expected of me?

We’re just happy you’re joining us! We don’t expect you to be an expert on the subject (yet!) and we’re mindful not everyone is comfortable speaking in a crowd.

Your participation during role playing or group activities is encouraged - but not required.

  • What do I bring?

Just bring yourself!

A positive mental attitude and willingness to participate also helps a lot. Our goal is to provide an exciting and informative session where everyone feels welcome to discuss and be a part of the class.            

  • When and Where?

Training Date: ________________

Location: ___________________

Instructor’s name: _________________

Contact info: ______________________

We look forward to meeting you!


Welcome Email For LMS Learners

Useful for: Helping your trainees get situated for online training with the use of an LMS. If you’re using our LMS, this fully customizable email will automatically send to your trainees when they sign up.

Subject: Registration Confirmed (Online Training)

Hello and Welcome to your account on (Application Name).

Please find below your username and a link to set your password below.

Your new username is:

(Recipient Username)

Access your account now:

(Welcome Login URL)

Should you require assistance, you can contact support at (Support Email) or call (Support Phone Number).

Kind regards,

(Organization Name)

Emails Asking For Feedback

Useful for: Providing an opportunity for your participants to give feedback after your workshop, so you can make changes for future participants. Giving out a survey or comment card to your trainees via email gives them an opportunity to easily communicate their feedback in a less direct way – which some may be more comfortable with. Keep forms short and simple in length and tone, directly ask for general comments in an email reply or use a survey platform like Survey Monkey and provide a link to a survey.

Subject: Let us know how we did

Hello (name),

You are receiving this email because you have recently participated in the (Name of Course) Workshop.

Thank you for participating in this training, I hope it was informative and helps you work towards meeting your organizational goals.

As a trainer, feedback from participants like you is very important to me. I would really appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you thought of the training.

(Option to insert link to survey)

Kind regards,

(Name, Signature)

Other Tips for Emailing Clients and Prospects

So you have your templates for your emails, now what? Make sure you customize your templates to your needs and optimize your marketing emails with these tips:

Email Marketing Tips

Provide a Call to Action

A call to action is a step your readers should want to take after reading your email. Your email copy should inspire whatever action you would like them to make, whether it is registering for a course, providing feedback, or something else. Having a clear call to action on your emails will ensure that they have a purpose and warrant space in your recipient’s inbox. When sending an email to clients, always ask yourself, what is the point? Your “why” should be reflected in your call to action. Your build up to it can be more detailed, but your call to action should be clear and concise.

Follow Regulations Regarding Marketing Emails

If you use emails in your business, it is crucial you understand and comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. Make sure you review the email spam laws in your region. The laws from the CAN-SPAM Act are established and enforced by the Federal Trade Commission, and protect consumers from spam in their inbox. Be sure to regularly review CAN-SPAM laws to ensure you are following the rules, such as providing a way for your recipients to opt out of receiving your emails. This should be presented as a link somewhere visible in your email. While it may feel disheartening to see people opting out of your emails, it is highly beneficial to do this in the long run because it optimizes your open rates and reduces the amount of people marking your emails as spam.

Incorporate Personalization

Consider this: is an email with your name in the body/subject line more or less likely to grab your attention? I would be willing to guess that the former is true. People are naturally inclined to be drawn to messaging and communication that is directed toward them. Having personalized emails may be intimidating at first, but there are many ways to easily automate your personalization for your emails through email marketing software such as Constant Contact.

Monitor Analytics

As someone marketing a service like corporate training, tracking your analytics is very important to measuring the success of your emails and adjusting them accordingly. The most important stats to review are your open rates and click rates to see how many people are actually interacting with your emails. By paying attention to your data, you can see what messaging works and what doesn’t, ensuring you have more success in your future marketing emails.


We hope these templates and tips for email marketing your training workshops will help you build a strong clientele. Get a head start on your corporate training content today with our Workshop Training Library, and let us know in the comments below how you market your training programs!

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