At Corporate Training Materials, we are thrilled to offer our newly designed pre-loaded learning management system courses.

If you are new to online training, a learning management system - also known as an LMS - is an online software application used to provide training. These days, the standard LMS is a cloud-based system hosted on the internet that is accessed by logging into an online portal.

For years, our Learning Management System has allowed trainers to provide practical and instructorless online learning on either their own courses, or our wide selection of preloaded courses. This became more crucial than ever in the COVID-19 pandemic. Since online learning became the only option for trainees for such a long period of time, we have come to recognize that online learning will not be going away anytime soon. Between the pandemic and an increasingly fast-paced world, you need training that fits with the “new normal” for working.

With this information in mind, we knew that a crucial step in continuing to better serve trainers was to shift our pre-loaded courses hosted by our Learning Management System to a more modern format. This meant taking all of our instructor-led content, reformatting it, incorporating interactivity, and revising and testing each course.

In this week’s blog post, we will discuss some of the highlights of our newly redesigned preloaded LMS courses.

A Modern, Clean Look

You can’t underestimate the importance of good design. Our newly redesigned courses have a modern, clean template that allows the learner to focus on the content. If you still aren’t convinced, here is the opening page to our old Time Management course:

And here is the opening page for our newly redesigned courses:

Which one do you feel more compelled to dive into? Our new format provides more information about what the course will cover and a sleeker, more modern feel. And that’s just the opening page. The entirety of the newly redesigned courses boasts this cleaner feel.


Interactivity is the engagement between a computer’s response to a user’s actions on a computer. This can help increase knowledge retention and make trainees more engaged in their learning. There are a variety of interactive features in our courses that make our courses highly engaging and smoothly transition from topic to topic. Below is a list of highlighted interactive features in our courses.

True or False: Our True or False Knowledge Checks recap module content and reinforce it.

Process Slides: Our process slides allow you to click through ideas and concepts with clean transitions and imagery.

Labeled Graphics: Our labeled infographics allow you to click through different terms on multifaceted ideas such as SMART Goals.

Fill in the blank knowledge checks: In addition to the true or false knowledge checks throughout the course, we also have fill in the blank checks to further reinforce module content.

Tabs: Our tab feature divides information making it easier to take in and differentiate.

Matching Activities: Our matching interactive feature serves as another engaging way to review training content.

Flashcards: Flashcards promote active recall and improved memory, so it’s no surprise we have incorporated them into our new design.

Videos: There are many video components in some of our courses that provide practical illustrations that blend seamlessly with our training content. If you like our video companion kit add-on for our instructor led training content, then you will love the way we have incorporated these videos into our Learning Management System courses.

Knowledge Checks/Post Tests

Each module in our preloaded LMS courses ends with a knowledge check of 10 multiple choice questions.

Research has shown that frequent testing doesn’t just measure learning, it actually promotes it. Testing improves recall, retrieving, and the ability to apply new information. This is known as “the testing effect” or “the retrieval practice effect.”

Each course also ends with a post test. Scores for posts test are recorded in the LMS so you – the trainer – can track the progress of your learners.

Knowledge checks and posts tests also include rationales to recap correct answers.


A Note Regarding Audio:

In compliance with best practices for online training, our newly designed preloaded LMS courses do not include audio.

Research states that if all a course is doing is reading the screen to a learner it be hurts the learner’s retention.

Furthermore, not everyone will have an environment they are learning in that is conducive to listening to audio.

However, we wanted to note that if you need to provide audio for accessibility reasons, there are many screen reader programs you can use in compatibility with your web browser such as the latest versions of NVDA, JAWS, VoiceOver, and TalkBack 

Same Great Learning Management System

Our cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) not only has our preloaded courses, but also the features and the customer support you need to coordinate the delivery of your online learning content effectively. Having an excellent LMS is crucial to the success of your training, and our LMS gives you the ability to quickly add learners, track progress, and create detailed reports in minutes. It does not require you to install specific hardware or software in order to access and utilize it. It allows you to upload your own logo to create a custom login portal for a seamless integration with your existing website or company intranet. Our support team is also available to assist you and answer any questions you may have about the platform to ensure you are getting the most out of your online training.

Easily scale your training delivery and be backed by a customer service team who will ensure you meet your training objectives.


Being adaptable to different ways of delivering training is crucial to the success of your organization. Providing a high-quality online learning experience to your participants will allow them to better retain information that they can take with them to the workplace. Being able to pivot your training into different formats that accommodate your employees and our changing world with ease will have a direct impact on its effectiveness on your employees.

Our LMS’s newly redesigned preloaded LMS courses will help you quickly transition to modern self-paced online courses on a wide variety of soft skills topics that will help you cultivate a more positive workplace. Our courses smoothly walk your learners through each module using a variety of different media such text, images, and infographics. This multimedia mix and interactivity increases engagement and ensures your learners are getting the most out of the training content.

Get started on developing flexible learning for your training participants with our Learning Management System. Our LMS starts at just $195 per month for a one-year subscription hosting up to 100 learners. Discuss our various plan options for up to 100, 500, and 1000 users with one of our representatives today!

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