What if you could complete a task the most optimal way without having to spend countless hours researching, analyzing, and implementing it?

There is actually an entire business solution that allows your customers to benefit from this. It is called White Labeling. White labeling can be done for virtually any product, from services to software to grocery items to – of course - training materials.

What do we mean when we say white label? A white label or private label product is something that is sold to another company or organization to be rebranded and distributed as their own. This is exactly what our training materials allow you to do.

 Buying white label has many benefits, but tend to sometimes be misunderstood. Today we are sharing some of the top myths about buying white label training materials – and debunking them.

1. Myth: “White label materials won’t be as good quality.”

This is a common, and old school, misconception people tend to hold towards buying private label. Today, private labels are held to a high standard, as countless different companies and industries rely on them for the highest quality products.

In this economy, people are more mindful than ever about the purchases they make both personally and for their business. This means that private label companies – and all companies for that matter - are producing products at a higher caliber than ever. At Corporate Training Materials, we strive to produce and maintain the highest quality products through consistent research, analyzing, and revising content to ensure it is relevant for our customers. Furthermore, as leaders in the training industry, we are always looking into the latest trends in corporate training, to ensure our newest courses reflect the needs of trainers.

2. Myth: “If I buy white label training materials, won’t they look the same as everyone else who is using your content?”

The number one myth that comes up when it comes to buying white label training materials is the concern of redundancy due to the fact that the content is spread widely to a variety of different companies and industries. While this part is true, the materials won’t necessarily look the same, or be used in the same context among different companies and industries.

Debunking this myth reminds us of the beauty of buying white label, which is that it gives you the ability to make the materials completely your own. You get to tailor the content for your specific audience and industry. You can add in your own content and industry-relevant examples to make it unique and relevant to your training needs.

Furthermore, buying white label gives you full permission to rebrand the material. Switch out logos, colours, and fully redesign the materials to reflect your brand.

3. Myth: “Buying white label training materials won’t save me a significant amount of time.”

It may seem just as easy to simply create your own training materials from scratch, but when you break it down, there is so much potential for saved time while having the highest quality training materials.

Recent research by the Association for Talent Development concluded that takes an approximant average of 55 hours to develop the average instructor-led online/virtual module of 25 minutes in length.

While this number is everchanging and very dependant on context, the programs used, the skill level of the developer, etc. Even as a rough estimate, this research demonstrates the significant amount of time it takes to create training materials from scratch, and why many opt to outsource customizable materials as a baseline.

Our In-house product development department writes and edits the content so you get to focus on what you’re good at, training, presenting and helping your clients. By leaving the research and development to us, you not only safe time, but can rest assured that you have the most relevant, quality training content.

In summary, white label training materials allow you to focus on what you’re good at, and leave the research and content creation for your training to us. By outsourcing your training materials, you not only save time from not having to develop material from scratch, but you can use that time to focus more on your business and organizational goals. Whether it is marketing, selling, or researching, you are covered when it comes to training materials.

4. Myth: “I won’t be able to scale white label training materials.”

It is crucial to anticipate the scalability of a service – such as training – that you are providing. Luckily with our materials, scalability is easier than ever. Easily meet your needs for instructor-led training by simply revising the content accordingly, and use technology such as our Learning Management System and eLearning Library to expand even more. It doesn’t matter if you have one client or 5,000 clients. With our training materials, you’re able to scale this solution to suit your growing client base.

5. Myth: “Outsourced materials won’t cover the topics I need to train in.”

What are some of the most important things to train your employees in? These days, its all about soft skills. It has never been more important to have adaptable, emotionally intelligent employees.

Our Soft Skills Library covers virtually every Soft Skills topic under the sun. Teach one day courses on communication skills, creativity, critical thinking, and so much more. Looking to train in Microsoft Office? Our Workshop Training Library has all of our soft skills courses plus our Microsoft Office courses. This gives you everything you need to teach over 170 one day workshops.

6. Myth: “White label materials are too expensive.”

If you think that outsourcing your training materials is too expensive, the question you should ask yourself is how much is your time worth? When you consider the hours of research and development it takes to create course content, not to mention consistently editing to ensure it stays relevant, the return on investment is significant. Let’s consider the Workshop Training Library:

This Library includes everything you need to teach 178 Training workshops. This costs $4,990.00 USD.

If we break this down by dividing $4,990.00 by 178 Workshops, we see that our customers are paying roughly $29.00 per workshop. That’s right, instructor guides, PowerPoint Slides, Quick Reference Sheets, and more for just $29.00 per course.

When you look at it this way, it is almost unfathomable to think about the amount of money saved when our customers bypass the research and development process.

7. Myth: “White label materials aren’t as credible.”

The best thing you can do to boost your credibility internally is provide quality, professional training to boost your employee’s confidence and ensure they are properly equipped to do their job. This in turn impacts the external credibility of the organization, as well-trained employees are able to provide optimum services and build trust with their customers and stakeholders.

What better way to boost your credibility by getting your training materials from people who specialize in the development of them?

Sometimes white labeling can have a negative connotation to it. But the truth is, white labeling is an action that both parties agree and mutually benefit from. By using these resources to your advantage, you allow yourself to have more valuable time to work towards your business objectives, while ensuring you provide the highest quality training.


As a company that sells white label products, our client’s success in providing effective training is our success. Times are changing, and more and more businesses are being strategic with their training by buying white label to boost their brand value and provide the best possible training to their participants.

What other myths on white label training materials need to be debunked? Let us know in the comments below!

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    • Really, a thought changing and thought provoking article…. Ready materials can save much time and energies. Even single training programs should be available in addition to comprehensive packages. That can enable individuals to test as well as afford individual topics, only relevant to own needs.

      Dr.Ketan Dholakia on
    • ‘White Label’ is such a more valuable course, I found ,that can help people to be creative, develop new skills, create jobs and earn money in a short time.

      Flets on
    • Excellent article !
      Much needed to debunk all the myths on white labelling .
      East or West white labelling is the best !!!

      Winston Singh on
    • Can we buy the training only of the soft skills we need immediately

      Narayan Srinivasan on
    • Very useful information it doesn’t matter wether white or black label training materials as long it has the right content which rightfully address the issues
      Only if you can make it affordable by allowing partial payment of the same or small packages of topics that relates to enable more affordability by many

      Triphosa Jesse on

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