Here’s What You Need to Know About Getting a White Label LMS

We have debunked many myths regarding white label instructor-led training materials, but what do I mean when I say “White Label Learning Management System”?

If you are new to online training, a learning management system - also known as an LMS - is an online software application used to provide training. These days, the standard LMS is a cloud-based system hosted on the internet that is accessed by logging into an online portal.

A white label learning management system allows you to offer online training without having to spend countless hours researching, developing, and implementing it.

There are a ton of good reasons to opt for a White Label Learning Management System. And if you find yourself saying or thinking any of the statements below, it is a good indicator that it’s time to consider one.

Below are some signs that you and your organization could highly benefit from a white label LMS.

“I want training that fits the feel of my brand.”

What’s one of the first questions to ask yourself when developing a brand?

When someone interacts with it, how do you want them to feel?

Consider this in the context of your organization’s training. What words or emotions do you want your brand to be associated with for its publics?

Trust? Reliability? Value? There’s no wrong answer, but it is an answer you should know, and keep consistent through all aspects of your organization, including your training.

With that being said, it’s safe to say branding is a crucial part of how your organization is perceived both internally and externally. And the branding of your LMS is no exception.

For this reason, you may be hesitant to consider a white label LMS. But the beauty of going white label is that it is specifically designed for you to be able to seamlessly integrate it into your organization as your own.

Through customization features, customers are able to enjoy a meaningful learning experience without ever needing to know it’s a white-labeled platform. Our LMS allows you to incorporate your organization’s name and logo to create a custom login portal.

Branding your LMS demonstrates that you stand behind your content and that it accurately reflects your organizational values. It is a simple and effective way to boost the credibility of your training content.

Just because you don’t have time to develop your own online training solution, doesn’t mean you can’t provide quality education to your trainees. And by using a white-label LMS customized to your organization’s brand, you build training platform that connects with your learner and sees you as the institution that confidently stands behind it. This builds trust and familiarity.

By claiming your white label LMS through customized branding, you hold authority in what you’re teaching, highlighting its importance.

“I don’t have time to develop training content from scratch.”

Our Learning Management System allows you to add your own online learning content to it so you can fulfill your unique training needs.

Creating training content from scratch (let alone online training) is challenging and very time consuming. It requires research, analysis, development, implementation, and continued maintenance.

This is why we offer online versions of all of our soft skills training courses pre-loaded into our LMS. Not only do you get our trusted training content, but you also get the most modern and optimal design with our newly developed format. Our pre-loaded LMS courses have been revamped and for a cleaner feel and more interactivity than ever.

To learn more about this, check out our blog post on our recently redesigned pre-loaded LMS courses.

“My budget is tight, but I need quality training.”

One of the best parts of white labeling is the fact that you can get everything you need to provide online learning for a significantly lower cost.

Not only are you getting a turnkey online training solution, you are also getting the customization options to make it look like your own, while getting it for white label pricing.

You can get started quicker for a much lower investment, making it the most time and cost-efficient way to train.

Our LMS starts at $195 a month for up to 100 users, and we offer custom plans to suit the number of learners you need to train. When you consider the time (therefore, money) saved, and the options for pre-loaded courses, there’s really no better way to provide learning via an LMS.

“I am not the most tech savvy, but need quality online training.”

Programming online training is hard work, and you have a business to run. There is an immeasurable amount of work and factors that goes into developing your Learning Management System.

If you don’t have the tech background to develop this from scratch, a white label LMS might be exactly what you need. It allows you to get everything you need for convenient, instructorless training without the high amount of effort.

Having a white label LMS gives you a reliable platform with tried-and-true design and content. This will help you avoid preventable tech issues and ensure you have optimal user experience for your learners.

Remember, quality user experience = happy learners. And the knowledge of an unreliable LMS can have a highly negative impact on your credibility as a trainer, even if the content itself is high quality. It doesn’t take long for word to get around if you are providing poorly developed online training, and it can be very damaging to your reputation.

Remember, even if you manage to build your own LMS, you also have to maintain its infrastructure. This can be even more time consuming.

A white label LMS is for those who want to focus more on helping your trainees meet their goals, and less time on dealing with (and probably stressing out over) the technical side of things.

With a white label LMS, everything you need is there, all you have to do it run it.


No matter what scale your business, a white label LMS is the ideal solution to provide reliable online training without spending countless hours on development. You can get started today with our LMS trusted by countless trainers all over the world.


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