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Seth Rozee – a Senior Account Executive with over 10 years of experience selling into the courseware and training industry joins our blog this week with his guest post on his tips for marketing your Learning Management System.

As an online trainer, you have a lot of different hats to wear when running your business.

With this comes certain tasks that – while important – can fall by the wayside when there are lots of things to do, or if you’re simply feeling uninspired.

One of those components may be your marketing.

If it sounds like I am calling you out (sorry not sorry), don’t fret. We at Corporate Training Materials are here to help you succeed in marketing your LMS training business.

Here are some tips and tricks for marketing your Learning Management System.

 1. Reconnect with old/current clients

As a trainer, you may already have a list of clients you have worked with in the past. Before Covid-19, instructor-led, in-person training was much more common (and almost preferred).

However, as we know all too well, covid has caused online learning to be more than a convenient option. It has made it absolutely crucial.

If in-person training was your bread and butter, you probably haven’t seen some of your clients in a while.

Just because it has been a while, doesn’t mean they don’t miss you. And if you’re having trouble recalling the last time you reached out (or you can but know it’s been too long), consider this your sign.

Try sending out an email to your long-time clients that you may not have seen in a while due to the pandemic. Try to learn how their need for training has evolved since you last worked with them, and see how you can help them continue to adjust to online learning.

If you haven’t reached out in a significant period of time, doing so now may result in your losing some email subscribers. Don’t let this deter you. Some people’s needs will have changed since you last spoke, and they may simply no longer need your service. Doing this allows you to discover who is still interested in your services, and helps you better deceiver who to market to.

2. Research Government RFPs

RFP stands for request for proposal.

A request for proposal is a project announcement posted publicly by an organization indicating that the organization submitting it is seeking contractors to bring the project to completion.

Government departments/agencies use RFPs the most. And many states require providing blended learning options for these types of initiatives. This is a great opportunity for you to step in with your offerings through your LMS.

Taking time to research RFPs on a regular basis can help you seek out opportunities for high-quality prospective customers looking for online learning options. And if you are able to gain clients from government organizations, you can start building positive relationships and get contracted by them more often.

Remember, when marketing to these groups, do your research on what range of bids might be being made. This allows you to compete while optimizing your ROI.

3. Use social media to Inform and Inspire

With social media being more widely used than ever, it is always a good idea to consider it as a tactic for your overall marketing strategy. LinkedIn is used widely to develop professional networks. Instagram and Facebook can serve as an opportunity to inform and inspire.

For your social media strategy, make sure your key messages are consistent. End your posts with a “call to action”, and always include graphics (fun fact: the brain processes graphics 60,000 times faster than text). Examples of a call to action may be:

  • Book your free 30-minute discovery call with me to learn how I can help you meet your goals.
  • Call today to learn more (#).
  • Learn more on our website (LINK).

Not sure what to write in your posts? Consider how you can relate to your audience. What emotions could you portray that will resonate with them? And what problems could you help them solve?

Your potential clients who see you on social media have two things in common. They are interested in learning something new, and they are spending an amount of time online, particularly on social media.

If they are online already, possibly endlessly scrolling on social media, maybe they want to learn something new. Take this angle in your social media strategy and demonstrate your specialties to reach your target audience.

4. Provide Special/Exclusive Offers

Sometimes all you need to get a customer’s attention is a good deal. And you have the power to give that to your customers. 

What if you could offer a product that you could roll into a larger package with access to your other services?

For example, you could offer a monthly subscription that includes full access to the LMS, but also some of your additional services. Perhaps a couple of 60-minute consultation calls, or access to your webinars.

Rolling up your LMS with your other services will ensure your customers are getting the most out of what you have to offer.

This can work for both new and existing clients. New clients can have a full, turnkey solution, and your existing clients can add on to what they already have.

5. Promote Updates to new and existing clients

Did you see the changes we made to our pre-loaded LMS courses? You can learn more about what we did in our blog post.

Not only will these updates benefit you, but they will also benefit your clients. So it is important you keep them posted on any updates regarding the LMS.

If you haven’t told prospective clients about our modernized and interactive pre-loaded LMS courses, it is a great opportunity to reach out and go over what has changed, not to mention a significant marketing opportunity.

People want online learning that is relevant and well designed. With ours, they have an optimal user experience and get the most out of their training. Consider updates to our LMS – or changes you have made to your own courses – and an opportunity to demonstrate your growth and commitment to providing optimal online learning.


Marketing is all about connecting with those you know will benefit from your product or service. If you can clearly articulate the ways your customers will be empowered by your LMS, you can embed this in your messaging, and market effectively.

Ready to start your online training business? Our LMS is the perfect place to start. Learn more about our various package options for your number of users today!

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