Some of Our Newest Clients

  • Centre of Integration For African Immigrants, CA
  • Cognative Institute of Dallas, US
  • APD Management Inc, US
  • Leaders Excellence Inc., US
  • Vitop Energy Services LLC, US
  • HRSI, US
  • Gracey Academy, US
  • Human Resource Plus, US
  • T Ford LCSW Consulting Services PLLC, US
  • Positive Vision, ZA
  • Avante Leadership Group, US
  • State Street Corporation, US
  • McFarlane Seed Plat, US
  • La Vie Development Inc., US
  • Reader is Leader, AE
  • Professional Enhancement and Development LLC, US
  • ABC Home Health, US
  • Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center, US
  • TLG, US
  • SOSSI- Saving Our Sons & Sisters International, US
  • The Moneyphysicians LLC, US
  • Lifeline Health Solutions LLC, US
  • Empowered Community Outreach Services, US
  • Mott Community College, US
  • Lord & Tucker Management Consultants LLC, US
  • Aurora College, CA
  • Relogistics, US
  • Human Resource Plus, US
  • City of Pico Rivera, US
  • LaFleur Leadership Institute, US
  • Tafco - TMP Manufacturing, US
  • DS Group, ZA
  • The Cooney Company, US
  • Flag Ventures, US
  • nib Insurance, NZ
  • Royal Commission at Yanbu, SA
  • Employment & Employer Services, US
  • Gerber Collision & Glass, US
  • AdvantEdge Leadership Coaching, US
  • Baylor, Burton & Robertson Consulting & Management, US
  • The Business Achievers Club of New York, US
  • Yukon University, CA
  • Kroeze Consultancy, US
  • NYC Sanitation, US
  • Union Settlement, US
  • Fortune School of Education, US
  • Hampshire Sheriff's Office, US
  • Elite Career Consulting, US
  • Seanz Consultancy, SG
  • Workforce Connections, US
  • Nicallyss Creative Group, US
  • Solutions Delivery PM Services Inc, CA
  • School of Standards, US
  • Pallmetto Gourmet Foods, US
  • Tameran Baxter Inc, US
  • Literacy Counsel, CA
  • Woods Supermarket, US
  • BConsult (McLennan and Associates), ZA
  • Coaches Business Training, US
  • New Jersey Department of Corrections, US
  • City of Statesboro, US
  • Shining star Residential Services, US
  • PRI - Samrithy IN, CO
  • National Property Management Strategies Group LLC, US
  • Finfrock Group LLC, US
  • IEC Corporation, US
  • ABC Home Health, US
  • Northwest Technical Institute, US
  • Discover Your Best Self LLC, US
  • Learningcraft Nigeria, NG
  • The Leader's Branch, US
  • CCM Care Management, US
  • Professional Enhancement and Development LLC, US
  • Client Testimonials:

    I feel like a man who has been running a supermarket without stock and now all of a sudden somebody has waved his magic wand and my shop is full... The fact that your training materials are customizable makes it easier for us to factor in the South African Unit Standards to meet SAQA requirements.
    Willie M Ralefeta, Sedibeng Management Services

    Everything worked perfectly. Thank you so much for this!  I love the training materials and that each month there is another new course to explore.
    Michael Kennis, Fantastic Furniture

    These materials are a life saver. They are extremely well done and saved me the time associated in creating training on the same topics. Also, I don't know if I ever would have had the time to create the number of products that I received.
    Norris Hite, Hite Of Communication

    Just want to share that I used Corporate Training Material's courseware to teach a class last month and it was well received. It took me all of three days to assemble my course materials. It would have been at least two weeks if I've had to develop it from scratch.
    Daisy Chung, Advent Training And Consultancy

    We are extremely happy with the courseware. We are rolling out a 3-week leadership training program this year for new supervisors/managers and are utilizing your materials for a number of the training sessions. Without a doubt, your material is saving us time, money, and aggravation.
    Cathleen Yanco, Smith International Inc.

    I would like to take this time to say thank you for your excellent service. Purchasing these manuals is the best investment by far we've made this year. I hope the relationship Telecom has established with your company grow to greater mutual benefits.
    Liberty Mupopiwa, Telecom Namibia

    Not only was Seth quick, and professional; he was absolutely delightful to work with. I have been in the training industry for 25 years, and I am quite impressed with your library. With excellent training materials and great personnel you have made me a very happy customer.
    Peggy Ann Anderholm, Marvin Windows and Doors

    The closer I dig into these materials the more value added stuff I find. I could deliver some of the courses tomorrow if I had to, and some that give me a great foundation for a more detailed course. That sure is better than starting with a blank piece of paper. Mostly what I like is the consistency of the format and the little things that we trainers really like (i.e. nice course descriptions w/objectives, ice breakers that relate to the topic, cheat sheets, etc.)
    Michael Gilreath, Lean Six Sigma Solutions