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Welcome! Below you will find two complete courses that you can download, these two courses come complete with all the components that you receive when you purchase any training kit: Instructor Guide, Training Manual, Power Point Slides, Quick Reference Guide, Exercise Files, Activities, Ice Breakers and much more! Along with the two complete courses, we have small portions of all of our other courses available to view. Plus, we also have a full eLearning course that you can demo before deciding if Corporate Training Materials is right for you!

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Please scroll down to view small portions of our other courses:

Soft Skills

10 Soft Skills You Need10 Soft Skills You Need

Administrative Office ProceduresAdministrative Office Procedures

Administrative SupportAdministrative Support

Adult Learning - Mental SkillsAdult Learning - Mental Skills (avail. 11/27/2017)

Adult Learning - Physical SkillsAdult Learning - Physical Skills (avail. 1/2/2018)

Anger ManagementAnger Management

Appreciative InquiryAppreciative Inquiry

Archiving and Records ManagementArchiving and Records Management

Assertiveness And Self-ConfidenceAssertiveness And Self-Confidence

Attention ManagementAttention Management

Basic BookkeepingBasic Bookkeeping

Being A Likeable BossBeing A Likeable Boss

Body Language BasicsBody Language Basics

Budgets And Financial ReportsBudgets And Financial Reports

Business AcumenBusiness Acumen

Business EthicsBusiness Ethics

Business EtiquetteBusiness Etiquette

Business Succession PlanningBusiness Succession Planning

Business WritingBusiness Writing

Call Center TrainingCall Center Training

Change ManagementChange Management

Civility In The WorkplaceCivility In The Workplace

Coaching And MentoringCoaching And Mentoring

Coaching SalespeopleCoaching Salespeople

Collaborative Business WritingCollaborative Business Writing

Communication StrategiesCommunication Strategies

Conducting Annual Employee ReviewsConducting Annual Employee Reviews

Conflict ResolutionConflict Resolution

Contact Center TrainingContact Center Training

Contract ManagementContract Management

Creating a Great WebinarCreating a Great Webinar

Creative Problem SolvingCreative Problem Solving

Crisis ManagementCrisis Management

Critical ThinkingCritical Thinking

Customer ServiceCustomer Service

Customer SupportCustomer Support

Cyber SecurityCyber Security

Delivering Constructive CriticismDelivering Constructive Criticism

Developing a Lunch and LearnDeveloping a Lunch and Learn

Developing Corporate BehaviorDeveloping Corporate Behavior

Developing CreativityDeveloping Creativity

Developing New ManagersDeveloping New Managers

Digital CitizenshipDigital Citizenship

Emotional IntelligenceEmotional Intelligence

Employee MotivationEmployee Motivation

Employee OnboardingEmployee Onboarding

Employee RecognitionEmployee Recognition

Employee RecruitmentEmployee Recruitment

Employee Termination ProcessesEmployee Termination Processes


Event PlanningEvent Planning

Executive and Personal AssistantsExecutive and Personal Assistants

Facilitation SkillsFacilitation Skills

Generation GapsGeneration Gaps

Goal Setting and Getting Things DoneGoal Setting and Getting Things Done

Handling a Difficult CustomerHandling a Difficult Customer

Health and Wellness at WorkHealth and Wellness at Work

High Performance Teams Inside the CompanyHigh Performance Teams Inside the Company

High Performance Teams Remote WorkforceHigh Performance Teams Remote Workforce

Hiring StrategiesHiring Strategies

Human Resource ManagementHuman Resource Management

Improving MindfulnessImproving Mindfulness

Improving Self-AwarenessImproving Self-Awareness

In Person SalesIn Person Sales (avail. 2/1/2018)

Increasing Your HappinessIncreasing Your Happiness

Internet Marketing FundamentalsInternet Marketing Fundamentals

Interpersonal SkillsInterpersonal Skills

Job Search SkillsJob Search Skills

Knowledge ManagementKnowledge Management

Leadership And InfluenceLeadership And Influence

Lean Process And Six SigmaLean Process And Six Sigma

Life Coaching EssentialsLife Coaching Essentials

Manager ManagementManager Management

Managing Personal FinancesManaging Personal Finances

Managing Workplace AnxietyManaging Workplace Anxiety

Marketing BasicsMarketing Basics

Measuring Results From TrainingMeasuring Results From Training

Media And Public RelationsMedia And Public Relations

Meeting ManagementMeeting Management

Middle ManagerMiddle Manager

Millennial OnboardingMillennial Onboarding

mLearning EssentialsmLearning Essentials

Motivating Your Sales TeamMotivating Your Sales Team

Multi-Level MarketingMulti-Level Marketing

Negotiation SkillsNegotiation Skills

Networking Outside the CompanyNetworking Outside the Company

Networking Within the CompanyNetworking Within the Company

Office Politics For ManagersOffice Politics For Managers

Organizational SkillsOrganizational Skills

Overcoming Sales ObjectionsOvercoming Sales Objections

Performance ManagementPerformance Management

Personal BrandingPersonal Branding

Personal ProductivityPersonal Productivity

Presentation SkillsPresentation Skills

Project ManagementProject Management

Proposal WritingProposal Writing

Prospecting and Lead GenerationProspecting and Lead Generation

Public SpeakingPublic Speaking

Risk Assessment and ManagementRisk Assessment and Management

Safety In The WorkplaceSafety In The Workplace

Sales FundamentalsSales Fundamentals

Self-LeadershipSelf-Leadership (avail. 3/1/2018)

Servant LeadershipServant Leadership

Social IntelligenceSocial Intelligence

Social LearningSocial Learning

Social Media In The WorkplaceSocial Media In The Workplace

Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing (avail. 10/23/2017)

Stress ManagementStress Management

Supervising OthersSupervising Others

Supply Chain ManagementSupply Chain Management

Taking InitiativeTaking Initiative

Talent ManagementTalent Management

Team Building For ManagersTeam Building For Managers

Team Building Through ChemistryTeam Building Through Chemistry

Teamwork And Team BuildingTeamwork And Team Building

Telephone EtiquetteTelephone Etiquette

Telework And TelecommutingTelework And Telecommuting

The Cloud and BusinessThe Cloud and Business (avail. 4/1/2018)

Time ManagementTime Management

Top 10 Sales SecretsTop 10 Sales Secrets

Trade Show Staff TrainingTrade Show Staff Training


Universal Safety PracticesUniversal Safety Practices (avail. 5/1/2018)

Virtual Team Building And ManagementVirtual Team Building And Management

Women in LeadershipWomen in Leadership

Work-Life BalanceWork-Life Balance

Workplace DiversityWorkplace Diversity

Workplace HarassmentWorkplace Harassment

Workplace ViolenceWorkplace Violence

Microsoft Office

Access 2007 AdvancedAccess 2007 Advanced

Access 2007 EssentialsAccess 2007 Essentials

Access 2010 AdvancedAccess 2010 Advanced

Access 2010 EssentialsAccess 2010 Essentials

Access 2010 ExpertAccess 2010 Expert

Access 2013 AdvancedAccess 2013 Advanced

Access 2013 EssentialsAccess 2013 Essentials

Access 2013 ExpertAccess 2013 Expert

Excel 2007 AdvancedExcel 2007 Advanced

Excel 2007 EssentialsExcel 2007 Essentials

Excel 2010 AdvancedExcel 2010 Advanced

Excel 2010 EssentialsExcel 2010 Essentials

Excel 2010 ExpertExcel 2010 Expert

Excel 2013 AdvancedExcel 2013 Advanced

Excel 2013 EssentialsExcel 2013 Essentials

Excel 2013 ExpertExcel 2013 Expert

Excel 2016 ExpertExcel 2016 Expert

Excel 365 EssentialsExcel 365 Essentials

Groove 2007 EssentialsGroove 2007 Essentials

InfoPath 2007 AdvancedInfoPath 2007 Advanced

InfoPath 2007 EssentialsInfoPath 2007 Essentials

InfoPath 2010 AdvancedInfoPath 2010 Advanced

InfoPath 2010 EssentialsInfoPath 2010 Essentials

InfoPath 2010 ExpertInfoPath 2010 Expert

Lync 365 EssentialsLync 365 Essentials

OneNote 2007 AdvancedOneNote 2007 Advanced

OneNote 2007 EssentialsOneNote 2007 Essentials

OneNote 2010 AdvancedOneNote 2010 Advanced

OneNote 2010 EssentialsOneNote 2010 Essentials

OneNote 2013 AdvancedOneNote 2013 Advanced

OneNote 2013 EssentialsOneNote 2013 Essentials

OneNote 365 EssentialsOneNote 365 Essentials

Outlook 2007 AdvancedOutlook 2007 Advanced

Outlook 2007 EssentialsOutlook 2007 Essentials

Outlook 2010 AdvancedOutlook 2010 Advanced

Outlook 2010 EssentialsOutlook 2010 Essentials

Outlook 2010 ExpertOutlook 2010 Expert

Outlook 2013 AdvancedOutlook 2013 Advanced

Outlook 2013 EssentialsOutlook 2013 Essentials

Outlook 2013 ExpertOutlook 2013 Expert

Outlook 365 EssentialsOutlook 365 Essentials

PowerPoint 2007 AdvancedPowerPoint 2007 Advanced

PowerPoint 2007 EssentialsPowerPoint 2007 Essentials

PowerPoint 2010 AdvancedPowerPoint 2010 Advanced

PowerPoint 2010 EssentialsPowerPoint 2010 Essentials

PowerPoint 2010 ExpertPowerPoint 2010 Expert

PowerPoint 2013 AdvancedPowerPoint 2013 Advanced

PowerPoint 2013 EssentialsPowerPoint 2013 Essentials

PowerPoint 2013 ExpertPowerPoint 2013 Expert

PowerPoint 365 EssentialsPowerPoint 365 Essentials

Project 2007 AdvancedProject 2007 Advanced

Project 2007 EssentialsProject 2007 Essentials

Project 2010 AdvancedProject 2010 Advanced

Project 2010 EssentialsProject 2010 Essentials

Project 2010 ExpertProject 2010 Expert

Publisher 2007 AdvancedPublisher 2007 Advanced

Publisher 2007 EssentialsPublisher 2007 Essentials

Publisher 2010 AdvancedPublisher 2010 Advanced

Publisher 2010 EssentialsPublisher 2010 Essentials

Publisher 2013 AdvancedPublisher 2013 Advanced

Publisher 2013 EssentialsPublisher 2013 Essentials

SharePoint 365 EssentialsSharePoint 365 Essentials

SharePoint Designer 2007 EssentialsSharePoint Designer 2007 Essentials

SharePoint Designer 2010 EssentialsSharePoint Designer 2010 Essentials

Visio 2007 AdvancedVisio 2007 Advanced

Visio 2007 EssentialsVisio 2007 Essentials

Visio 2010 AdvancedVisio 2010 Advanced

Visio 2010 EssentialsVisio 2010 Essentials

Windows 7 EssentialsWindows 7 Essentials

Windows 8 EssentialsWindows 8 Essentials

Word 2007 AdvancedWord 2007 Advanced

Word 2007 EssentialsWord 2007 Essentials

Word 2010 AdvancedWord 2010 Advanced

Word 2010 EssentialsWord 2010 Essentials

Word 2010 ExpertWord 2010 Expert

Word 2013 AdvancedWord 2013 Advanced

Word 2013 EssentialsWord 2013 Essentials

Word 2013 ExpertWord 2013 Expert

Word 2016 EssentialsWord 2016 Essentials

Word 2016 ExpertWord 2016 Expert

Word 365 EssentialsWord 365 Essentials

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