Windows 8 Essentials

Printable, customizable, training materials

Welcome to the Windows 8 Essentials workshop. This workshop will give your participants an introduction into the new world of Windows 8. With Windows 8 Microsoft has introduced a different environment with its new user interface and ways of navigating through your apps.

Windows 8 Essentials will show your participants the great new features of Windows 8 and provide them with a great base to further their Windows 8 experiences. With Windows 8 you are able to better manage your time by providing new and more efficient tools and applications.
Windows 8 Essentials


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  • Unlimited Printing Rights
  • Completely Customizable

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Everything you need to teach a one-day workshop for Windows 8 Essentials:

  • Training Manuals
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Instructor's Guide
  • Quick Reference Job Aids
  • Icebreakers, Activities,
     & Exercise Files
  • Pre-Assignments,
  • Promotional Advertorials
  • Lesson Plans with Flip Chart Notes

Also available: training video clips, editable books, audiobook workshops, e-learning, and cloud-based LMS.

Windows 8 Essentials Course Outline:

Module One: Getting Started
  • Housekeeping Items
  • The Parking Lot
  • Workshop Objectives
  • Action Plans and Evaluations

Module Two: Welcome to Windows 8
  • About Windows 8
  • Installing Windows 8 (upgrade vs. clean)
  • Setting up Windows 8 (including about your Microsoft Account)
  • Exploring the Start Screen
  • Using Windows 8 with a Touch Screen
  • Logging In and Shutting Down
  • Module Two: Review Questions

Module Three: Using Apps
  • Opening and Closing an App
  • Navigating Apps
  • About the Built-In Apps
  • Using All Apps
  • Updating and Downloading Apps from the Windows Store
  • Module Three: Review Questions

Module Four: Working with the Desktop
  • Opening the Desktop
  • About the Desktop Interface
  • Switching Between the Start Screen and the Desktop
  • Opening Desktop Apps
  • Using Desktop Effects (snap, peek, shake and flip)
  • Opening Files with Different Apps
  • Module Four: Review Questions

Module Five: Using the Task Bar
  • About the Task Bar
  • Pinning Apps to the Task Bar
  • Using Jump Lists
  • Minimizing All Open Windows
  • Module Five: Review Questions

Module Six: Working with the Charms Bar
  • Displaying the Charms
  • Using the Search Charm
  • Using the Share Charm
  • Using the Start Charm
  • Using the Device Charm
  • Module Six: Review Questions

Module Seven: Managing Your Files and Folders
  • Working with File Explorer
  • Changing File Explorer View
  • Sorting Files
  • Searching for Files
  • Working with Libraries
  • About SkyDrive
  • Module Seven: Review Questions

Module Eight: Devices, Networking and Sharing
  • - View Available Networks
  • Using a HomeGroup
  • Using Remote Desktop
  • Selecting Sharing Options
  • Adding and Removing Devices
  • Module Eight: Review Questions

Module Nine: Working with Settings and the Control Panel
  • Using the Settings Charm
  • Opening the Control Panel
  • Managing User Accounts and Parental Controls
  • Setting Default Programs
  • Removing Unwanted Programs
  • Module Nine: Review Questions

Module Ten: Personalizing Windows 8
  • Customizing the Lock Screen
  • Customizing the Start Screen
  • Customizing Tiles on the Start Screen
  • Customizing the Desktop
  • Accessing the User Screen
  • Module Ten:Review Questions

Module Eleven: Understanding Security and Maintenance
  • Understanding Security Features
  • Using Windows Update
  • Using the Action Center
  • Troubleshooting Problems
  • Using System Restore
  • Module Eleven:Review Questions

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up
  • Words from the Wise
  • Review of Parking Lot
  • Lessons Learned
  • Completion of Action Plans and Evaluations

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